Sea Treasure

I have a fascination (or maybe it is an obsession) with sea glass and have collected bottles full of  subtley hued pieces from where ever I have traveled.

My collection consists of mainly blues, greens, ambers and clear. They are beautiful in the glass containers but I have recently entertained the notion of turning some into jewellery.

These little Treasures come from the British Coast, they make me want to pack up and go fossicking along English beaches in search of these gems.

I wouldn’t mind having one of these, not so wild about the Diamonds though, I think the beauty of the glass speaks for itself.

A piece of very rare red sea glass fashioned into a beautiful, subtle pendant, losing nothing of the intrinsic beauty of the glass.

Top of my Birthday List.

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4 Responses to Sea Treasure

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  2. Pippa Koenig says:

    I like those blue SCHerben so much. May I show them on my blog?
    Herzlich Pippa

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