A Portrait of Ophelia – Bronwen Vaughn-Evans

Bronwen Vaughn-Evans is one of my favourite artists. Her work is hauntingly beautiful and I often find myself thinking about aspects of the images long after viewing the paintings.

I am so captivated by her lastest body of work that I have to introduce her work to those who do not know it. In this collection she deals with personal tradegy through the story of Ophelia.

“I have been carrying the idea of a series of Ophelia paintings around with me for a while. The drowning of a friend of mine sparked the idea of exploring the world inside Ophelia’s head while in the water.”

Bronwen Vaughan-Evans –.

The strange thing about this exhibition is that for me, it has taken the form of a noir novel set in 1930’s Durban in the height of summer. This has never happened to me before, maybe it is the influence of the play or maybe the fact that my friend was a writer (the text I have used in some of the pieces actually comes from letters he wrote to me).

Bronwen Vaughan-Evans

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. To see more you can click onto her web site.

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