Oh My Word………….

Hyper-Realism  #1

I have a passion for, no, an obession with Hyper-realism and am going to share my ongoing fascination by introducing you to some of the  impressive work in this genre. I hope you are as  amazed at the beautiful, technically amazing renditions of a great range of subject matter as I am. The realism achieved is sometimes bizarrely too realistic and leaves one with a feeling of unease, enough said………….

Please remember these are Paintings.

Steve Mills

Mills has sold almost every piece he has painted. Producing and selling over 500 paintings in his first 20 years has had collectors literally waiting in line outside the gallery before an opening; creating such frenzy, one show sold out in 10 minutes. However, with the time it takes to paint in the photorealist technique – some paintings taking over 500 hours – it has proven impossible to do more than one gallery opening a year.

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