Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

While down in Cape Town I became aware of the most beautiful cloud formations. I think because of the influence of the two Oceans and the opposing sea currents the clouds are so spectacular, ever changing and magnificently formed.

If you love cloud watching there is a wonderful book called “The Cloud Collectors Handbook” it has the most amazing cloud photographs.

images via artinfo

The press release for “The Cloud Collector’s Handbook” promises the ability to “amaze your friends by predicting weather patterns by identifying cloud formations.” I’m not at entirely convinced that I have that one down, but I think I’ve become a cloud connoisseur nonetheless, and I tip my hat to the Cloud Appreciation Society for their fight against “blue-sky thinking”

Kate Deimling, Artinfo France

I have no desire to “amaze” my friends with weather predicions based on my knowledge of cloud formations, I  just love the transient nature of clouds and the brief moments you have to enjoy the spectacle.

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