Hendrik Stroebel – Recollect

I recently visited the KZNSA Gallery especially to see the exhibition by Hendrik Stroebel, it had received excellent reviews and a friend of mine had taught him as a student at DUT.

The exhibition was all and more than I had expected. The sheer number of pieces, 185 in total, the scale of some of them and the incredible attention to detail rendered in thread took my breath away.

I do not think paint would have done justice to the jewel like quality of the images. His combination of ceramic, wood, souvenirs and exquisite embroidery make for images that are hard not to “recollect” long after you have viewed the exhibition.

I hope my little “point and shoot” images give you some idea of the beauty of his work. I am one of the fortunates to have seen the collection in its entirety. Most of the works were sold.  So, unless they are loaned for a future exhibition the collection will not be seen as a  whole again.

“Each snapshot-size image takes Stroebel up to 40 hours to embroider, images of watermelons and minarets and friends made en route. While ‘snapping’ the picture would have taken a few seconds, Stroebel’s painstaking retelling of the story becomes a compulsive reliving of each incident.”               Robyn Cook

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