I Am Reading…………………..

It is done!

I have just finished “World Without End”, it took me a bit longer than anticipated as I went through a bad reading patch and hardly had time to read for 2 weeks. As with “Pillars of the Earth” you hardly notice that you have just read 1237 pages!

It is a comfortable (except for the size of it), easy read. It captures your attention from the start and keeps you enthralled through wars, deceit, scheming and conniving, double-dealing, love, death, betrayal and in fact there is hardly a human frailty that is not exposed. It has believable, lovable characters, and a few you really dispise!

In short an excellent read if you are not put off by the size/volume.

I have just begun – “Lost Ground” a thriller by Michiel Heyns. I am enjoying the fact we now have thrillers in local settings. (Love a good thriller!)

image via cardsandstuff.canalblog.com 

I have read a number of another thriller author, Deon Meyer’s books, which are set in South Africa, notably  Cape Town and surrounds. I  find the fact I that can identify with the settings, and in fact know some of the places in his books quite well adds to the plausibility of his stories.

I am looking forward to getting into “Lost Ground” which is set in the Little Karoo, one of my favourite parts of the country.

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