Dee Donaldson – A Selection

These paintings are by an incredibly talented Durban artist Dee Donaldson .

Dee’s work often deals with the past, the present, the sacred, the mundane, the living, the dead and how they relate and resonate and become a feature in how we view the world.

I have selected a range of works from her blog, in which she presents her various works as well as Artist Statements for the works which have been on Exhibitions.

Mariannhill Monastery

Last Hour

The Bather



Falls the Shadow

Falls the Shadow is a work that Dee created for the group exhibition “INSPIRATION: The Durban Art gallery Archive Show” in March, 2011.

“This work also afforded me the opportunity to continue engaging with some of the technical concerns and issues I am constantly working with – memory; working with past, present and future; reverence and irreverence; sacredness and violation; the living and the dead; the profound and the mundane.”                     Dee Donaldson

Her sensitive and skilful handling of her subjects and her medium both inspire and overawe me.

I am most fortunate to have her as my painting teacher.

all images from Dee Donaldson

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