Monday Morning Musings………

Well, Monday Morning Musings became Tuesday Travels which in turn became Wednesday Wonderings and finally ended up as Thursdays Thoughts.

The brief explanation for this is that I was travelling back from Cape Town by car…………………. a 2 day journey, or, if you’re frightfully young and gung ho, an 18 hour sprint. It is most beautiful drive and needs to be done at an unhurried pace, not as a commute.


Having just been in Cape Town which was more than rather chilly and  spending every day in a jacket and boots. I thought I must post my wish list boots. They will remain wish list boots as I cannot afford them, unless I forgo Birthdays and Christmas for the next 2 years!

They are handmade and especially made to feel and look worn. If you’re feeling flush and would like to browse the HUGE selection of boots available, truck on over to The Crows Nest Trading Co. A veritable warehouse of Western style bits and bobs.



I am/was reading……….

I finished  Micheil Heyns’s “Lost Ground”. Really enjoyed it, it is very South African and beautifully written. You can feel the dry heat of the Karoo and smell the late dusty afternoons and, if you are familiar with small towns every image and description will resonate vividly.

It is a cleverly crafted story with what is becoming the all too familiar theme………..boy leaves South Africa, comes back a man to deal with past/demons, revelations of things misunderstood, reconciliation with self. I know that is a bit dismissive but it seems to be the theme trend at the moment. In spite of that criticism it is a very good read.


One of the best books I have read in a while, in fact I AM going to read it again. It is one of those that you do not want to end because you are going to lose the people that have become so much a part of  you. People that have shared their joys, sadness, secrets, hopes and lives with you, that have become as familiar and close to you as your own family and friends.

“This book is simply magic – the writing is authentic and intense – I felt a connection with Elly at every stage of her life’s journey and I felt the writing and events described related well to Elly at that particular stage of her life. The story was believable while at the same time having a sense of being somehow just out of reach of normality.”

Karen  from BookBath

This sums up exactly how I felt about the book.



My poor little hand mixer who has been with me for at least 15 years gave up the ghost and died with a small puff of smoke and a horrid burning smell.

Now, I would have no problem fitting this little beauty into my kitchen. The problem is which colour……..this delicious, sassy red or the sumptuous, sultry aubergine………

images via



Now we come to Thursday and I am thinking of Friday…….. DVD movie night. Time to snuggle on the couch together, a chilled bottle of wine, something delicious to eat and a good movie.

A lovely simple, delicious, eat with your fingers sort of tart…………

Rustic Tomato Tart from Lick the Bowl Good

It looks delicious and very quick and easy to make. I have not yet decided on a movie, maybe something fun and a bit quirky………..

(sorry about the overworked “delicious” couldn’t think of another adjective to describe that juicy finger-licking looking tart!)

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