Women Who Stare Out of Windows #1


An aside to my ongoing obsession with windows………….

Dear Rapunzel, a victim of bargaining, like so many poor females in Fairy tales, a pawn of the fates. Doomed to an eternity in a tower all because she was  beautiful and was given to an Enchantress because her mother could not live without the wonderful herb Rampion (Rapunzel) which was growing in the Enchantress’s garden. I have yet to figure out why the Enchantress wanted her there, she did not slave away at her behest just hung around in the tower. The Enchantress does not seem to have any other need than to climb up her long golden hair!

So, what with the Enchantress climbing up and down her hair there was nothing much else to do but to stare out of the window and sing………..which of course attracted a wandering Prince, and he is smitten which inevitably leads to naughtiness, and then nastiness on the Enchantresses behalf. Long story short, after true fairy tale tragedy and years of impoverished wanderings they come together (the Prince and Rapunzel…plus the result of their naughtiness) and live happily ever after.

I love the way people interpret stories and illustrate them, each has its own nuance and reflects the way the artist/illustrator  felt after reading or hearing it.

I have tried to credit all image sources, some I have had for ages and cannot find the source  – apologies  (put the cursor over the image for the source).

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