Local is Lekker*

I have been reading so many great local Authors that I have decided to do a regular “Local is Lekker” book review.  Thereby introducing local Authors who often get bypassed in favour of the more popular international writers.

Cracks – Sheila Kohler (1999)

Sheila Kohler was born in South Africa and now resides in New York.

Cracks is set at an elite Boarding School where a beautiful schoolgirl mysteriously disappears into the veldt. Forty years later, thirteen members of the missing girl’s swimming team gather for a reunion and they look back into the weeks leading up to the disappearance.

As they begin to reminisce they begin to relive the horror of a long buried secret, and a tale of the passion and tribalism of adolescence, and the violence that lies at the heart of even the innocent begins to emerge.

The book has been made into a film by Jordan Scott, the setting and time has changed.  It looks beautifully filmed and stars Eva Green.

Off to my local Video shop to see if they can get it for me. (I hope I enjoy it as much as I did the book).

Eva Green as Miss G

““Cracks” is the screen adaptation of a 1999 novel by Sheila Kohler , set in a South African boarding school in the 1960s. The screenplay, by Caroline Court and Ben Ip, moves the story to the fictional Stanley Island, a desolate retreat off the coast of England, and pushes the period back to 1934.

“Mean girls will be mean girls. And under pressure, in the cloistered atmosphere of the gothically moody girls’ school drama “Cracks,” meanness can be lethal.

 N.Y. Times review published: March 17, 2011
* Lekker – South African expression for good, great, nice, fun

Images via Happiness is…………………. and The N.Y. Times.
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