I am Reading…………………

I suppose it should be headed I was reading, but I will stick to the formula, it makes life so much easier all round.

I have just finished “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake” by Aimee Bender. Great title, lovely cover, great expectations. The writing is good and easy to read, the characters  develop well and are believable, but the story did not captivate me.

Little Rose Edelstein has an unusual gift which allows her to taste peoples emotions through the food they have made, she finds this very difficult to cope with and is often overwhelmed by the emotions she can taste.

I love unusual story lines and am not bothered by fantastical ideas. I loved the “Time Travellers Wife”. This book left me disappointed as it felt a bit “thin”, it had so much potential and I feel Aimee did not flesh out the story enough and left too many threads dangling.

Have just started “The Help”, so far so good, it has to be read it in an accent, such fun.

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