Duy Huyhn

Duy Huyhn (pronounced yee wun) is a Vietnamese born artist who lives in the USA. I don’t usually like this genre of work but there is something really tender and beautiful about his images, their titles and the gentle portrayal of  his narrative.

This is a set of 6 postcards available from  larkandkey.bigcartel.com

The titles of the above images are –  Songbird Sabbatical, Cumulus Curiosity, Nevermind The Clouds, Slow Food For Thought, Her Own Little World, & Always A Work In Progress.  Beautiful, evocative titles.

(Duy is the co-owner of larkandkey)

Time Flies With Strings Attached

Nevermind the Clouds

Star Catcher

Well Grounded Drifter

Half Life in Full Circle

Duy has a very large body of work and sometimes repeats the same images/titles with variances in composition, colouring or background

His work is reminiscent of Chagall’s with its dreamlike qualities, some images put me in mind of the ParkeHarrison’s work and the gentle whimsy found in Amelia Smith’s drawings.


Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Amelia Smith

Follow the links to see more works by these artists.

Put your cursor over the images for their sources.

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