Lighthouse Keeping

For Dee and Klaus.

I understand your reasons for wanting to live in a Lighthouse, the solitude, the beauty, the “getting away from it all” and so I have found just the Lighthouse for you. It is on the coast of Brittany and is called “Belle-ile Les Poulains”.

Cute as a button, a bit barren though.

Wonderful feeling of space.

Amazing views and complete privacy, no-one for miles.

And, now the bits you do not want to have to deal with……………….

As for me, I would far rather live here, okay, technically it is not a Lighthouse, but it is on the edge of nowhere and it overlooks the sea and it has a tower which could be used as a Lighthouse.

If you love Lighthouses and are looking for some isolated Real Estate do browse the web site of Jean Guichard. It contains the most amazing photographs and documentation of Lighthouses from around the world.

Although some of my  images have been sourced from other websites or blogs most of them are his photographs.

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