Watch This Space………. Now Filled.

The image I found from the Burning Man Festival certainly led to a lot of researching and what a discovery. It just leaves me with the profound feeling of “what a lot of world there is out there……… much we do not know and so much to see.”

Burning Man

Festival goers cycling down the avenue towards the symbolic ‘Stick Man”

“Burning Man began with a broken heart, specifically that of San Francisco artist Larry Harvey. Amongst a small group of friends, he burned a small wooden stick figure, to symbolise the end of his relationship. This was in 1986, and the group decided to re-create the act on an annual basis. Things snowballed to the point where Californian authorities were none-too-happy about having what was now becoming an event in their back yard. Undeterred, Harvey and his entourage moved things just over the border to Black Rock County, Nevada.”

David Whitely

 The Festival is a sort of Salvador Dali meets Mad Max at Woodstock with a bit of Moulin Rouge thrown in. It is an opportunity for free spirits, free thinkers, creatives, tree huggers, hippies, in fact all the non-conventionals to get together and do what they do best………..let it all “hang out”.

“Burning Man is an annual arts festival whose attractions include colossal art installations, all-night dance parties, marathon kite-flying sessions, off-kilter fashion shows, and classes where revelers can learn things that range from Hula Hooping to playing the ukulele to making absinthe.”

New York Times

Tens of thousands of volunteers  gather to build a city in a Nevada desert that is notorious for triple-digit temperatures, high winds and blinding plumes of dust.They build a city that is self sustainable and,  then,  1 week later leave, leaving no trace whatsoever. Everything needed to sustain you, shelter you, for your creation, show, teaching needs to be brought in and taken away without any detriment to the environment.

images via

In 2006 some Giraffes went off to the festival……………………..

and, we now have our own Burning Man called AfrikaBurn……………

and it takes place in the Tankwa Karoo, which is really in the middle of nowhere and situated near the coldest place in the country – Sutherland.

So, if you cannot make it to Nevada, the Tankwa awaits you…………..I have heard it is the same as Burning Man,  so popular that they have had to limit numbers. Next years AfrikaBurn festival is 25th – 30th April.

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