It Reminds Me Of…………….

When I first saw this Photograph my immediate reaction was….. “that is just what I pictured the house that Jean lived in to look like.”

Jean is one of the main characters in a book called “The Winter Vault”. A very beautifully written book by Anne Michaels, the author of “Fugitive Pieces”

The book is a heartbreaking story about the inescapability of memories, the devastation of loss and the restorative power of love. It is the story of Avery, a young engineer, working on the moving of Abu Simbel away from the flood waters of the new Aswan dam, and his new wife Jean.

It is not an easy read, but its imagery and the quiet intimacy of human lives, hopes, losses, grief and finally the love that overcomes all,  stay with you long after you have finished the book.

image via pinterest

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One Response to It Reminds Me Of…………….

  1. Michelle Waters Wilson says:

    HI Gwynn, now I have found you outside of friday morning painting! Michelle

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