I Am Reading……..

Should actually read…………… I have read.

Continuing with this dancing theme I have going at the moment, I thought I would mention 2 books dealing with dance that I feel should be on everyone’s Must Read list.

This beautifully written book deals with the tumultuous, bold  and fascinating life of Rudolf Nureyev.  The interesting part of this book is that it is very like a  biography as it closely mirrors his life. I loved the passion, sensuality and intensity with which the book was written, which is the only way one could portray the wonderfully larger than life person Nureyev was.

For a comprehensive overview read the review on Nevermore: a Book Blog.

image via nevermorebookblog.com

Another fascinating read that explores the commitment and total dedication of a professional dancer. As with Nureyev, Li forsook his home and family to pursue his passion. Unlike “Dancer” this is a work of non-fiction. It is beautifully written and draws you in from the very beginning.

It has just been made into a film, a really good one, and is worth seeing. The dancing is breath taking and one has to restrain ones self from standing up and applauding!!

image via elizabeth-loke blogspot.com

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