I Am Reading…….

I have just finished “The Help” and thoroughly enjoyed it, if one can enjoy such a sad look at the life of maids in the 60’s who lived down South.

The story is told in turn by Skeeter, a 22 year old Southern girl who has returned home with a degree and plans for her future, which do not really include a life of just being a Mrs.  Whoever,  playing bridge and being a full part of the social clique she naturally belongs to, Minnie, a very outspoken “maid” who cannot hold her tongue but cooks like a dream and is known as the sassiest woman in Mississippi and dear kind, loving, long suffering Aibilene who is the first to help Skeeter with her “plan”.

This is a beautifully, sensitively written book which I think will resonate with us South African readers, as I am sure we all had our Minnies and Aibilenes. Women who spent their days caring for us, loving us and our children to the neglect of their own.


I have just started what I think is going to be and incredible début novel by Erica Emdon called “Jelly Dog Days”. The blurb on the cover describes it as a story of trust and betrayal, more importantly, it is about survival and to some extent redemption. The writing is wonderful and so far I am engrossed.

PS. The Help has been made into a film and from the trailer looks really good……….I hope it is not a case of “don’t judge a book by its’ movie!”

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