Friday Favourites.

Today’s favourites are going to be from a rather unconventional area of art (as well as a bonanza of images because I missed last Friday).

Street Art –  specifically murals.

Horse and Rider  – Richard Hambleton

via streetartutopia

via streetartutopia

via streetartutopia

via cocacolla

via cocacolla



Shepard Fairey

El Mac

Banksy, Shepard Fairy and El Mac are my favourite Street Artists. Banksy, because he has been around for so long and because of his total disregard for ‘holy cows’, Shepard Fairey and El Mac for the sheer scale of their work and the skilful handling of their medium.

I have done my best to credit each piece but, street artists really enjoy their anonymity.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse at a wonderful, exciting form of ‘art’, there is so much variety and so much talent producing art works in the public domain. The thing I love most about this form of art is that it belongs to all, and is there for viewing all day every day.

Have a great weekend.

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