East vs West

Another interesting fact that came to light during my Dragon delving is that Eastern Dragons and Western Dragons are very different.

Eastern Dragons are portrayed as benevolent, wise,  gentle creatures, they are a symbol of power, strength and good luck. For the Eastern Dragon I am primarily focusing on the Chinese Dragon.

The kind, helpful Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragons have long serpentine bodies, four legs and are usually without wings, but can still fly. They are said to be the composite of various other animals, body of a snake, antlers of a deer, talons of an eagle, soles of a tiger, scales of a carp and the eyes of a demon. It is said that Chinese Dragons have 117 scales. They are usually depicted with 4 toes, the depiction for  a Dragon symbolising an Emperor has 5 toes. They are normally brightly coloured and always have a feathery mane.

The Fire Breathing, People Eating Western Dragon

Western Dragons are aggressive, destructive and a major cause for fear and trepidation, often roaming the countryside devouring maidens and any livestock that should come their way.

They are  lizard-like with powerful legs, 3 toes containing massive sharp claws, a long spiked tail and  huge bat wings to fly with (they are great fliers!). They are generally green, brown or black but, recently have started to appear in reds, oranges and sundry other hues. They are able to spit a variety of nasty stuff, fire, ice and acid…………………..a rather stark contrast to their kind Eastern cousins.

For your edification, that is a very brief summation of the differences between the Eastern and Western Dragon.

My general feeling………………go with the nice old Chinese Dragon.

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