Friday Favourites.

In light of the extreme swimming weather we are experiencing I thought it would be appropriate to share some ‘swimming’ paintings.

There is an increasing number of artists who have become enthralled, entranced, captivated and even mesmerised by the interplay of light, water, movement, reflection and bodies. As a result there is a growing catalogue of works depicting people in water.

I have specifically chosen lesser known artists, at a later date, while we are still sweltering I will do a collection of the better known artists who paint people in water.

Jason Stillman – Turbulence

Matthew Davis

Melissa Grimes

Cayetana Conrad – Submerged

Patsy McArthur – Night Swimming 1

Michael Andrews – Melanie and Me Swimming

Lorraine Shemesh

Alla Bartoshchuk

Jamie Wayman – Conversation

I hope you have enjoyed this collection and will use the links to see other works by these artists.

Hope your weekend goes swimmingly!

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