I Am Reading

I have just begun………………..

…………….and, I am finding it very hard to put down and I am making all sorts of excuses to escape for a quiet little read, except it is very hard to only read a chapter or two. I just want to shut myself off from the world for a day or two and just read!!

I Read…………

The Book Of Human Skin  –  done and dusted.

I must say for a book has two of the most despicable characters I have ever come across it was an enjoyable read. The hero and heroine, in spite of being at the mercy of societal behaviour and expectations of the 18th century, manage to find each other despite all the vagaries and spanners the universe throws at them.

I enjoyed the way the story is built up by the 5 main characters, each with their own narrative. The historical aspect of the novel was very interesting and a clear picture of life both in Venice and Peru during the 18th century is vividly depicted.

My only disappointment was the rather sweetly sewn together end, I feel the story deserved and more solid finish, never the less worth a read.

Blood Safari  (2007)

Local thriller king – Deon Meyer delivers another heart stopping read. In ‘Blood Safari’ we are introduced to Lemmer for the first time. We find out why he is such a loner and why he left Cape Town to live in a small village in the Karoo.

The story centres around Emma Le Roux who is convinced she has seen her missing brother on TV and the police have connected him to the murders of suspected poachers. Lemmer is hired to be her bodyguard after she is attacked by  a group unknown, heavily disguised men.

The plot twists and turns and keeps you enthralled until the last baddie bites the dust.

In the words of Michael Connelly “with Deon Meyer you can’t go wrong” So, if you enjoy a good thriller with a local flavour………..

The Lady of the Rivers

Well, I got my little paws onto the latest in the ‘Cousins War’ series and it is every bit as good as the preceding two.

It is the story of Jacquetta Woodville who is the mother of Elizabeth Woodville who becomes the queen of England  when she marries Edward York. It is a gripping tale full of intrigue, duplicity, sadness and power struggles.

As usual Philippa Gregory brings to life the women who were mostly overlooked in the recording of history but played pivotal roles.

Jacquetta of Luxembourg French Duchess who marries the Duke of Bedford, the English Regent of France. The Duke introduces her to the world of Alchemy, science and learning. She is very young and lonely  and her only friend in the household is Richard Woodville, the Duke’s squire.

When the Duke dies, Richard becomes her only means of support and they inevitably become lovers and secretly marry. They return to England to serve at the court of King Henry VI and Jacquetta becomes a close and loyal friend to his new queen, a French Princess.

Henry is a Lancaster and a young and very easily influenced King, there is a rivalry between him and his cousin Richard, Duke of York, a strong and popular man………..this rivalry eventually lead to the war of the Roses and the tragedy that is civil war.

Again, I highly recommend this book if you love well researched historical fiction.

I am off to go and bury my nose in ‘Fall of Giants’……………cannot put it down, all 800+ pages of it!

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