Friday Favourites

Today’s Favourites take a very boring, everyday object, in fact something most of us find rather ugly, and use it to create a beautiful image.


Tina Modotti  –   Photograph

Layla Messkoub   –   Woodcut

Jeff League  –  Mixed Media – Encaustic Painting and Photograph

Katherine Bowling  –  Oil Painting

Lucy Reynolds  –  Watercolour and Ink

Joel Ganucheau  –  Oil Painting

Ben McLaughlin   –   Oil Painting

Nathalie Nayer   –   Mixed Media

P Raile –  Photograph

and to finish off this mixed media selection of really interesting interpretations of Powerlines I have another of Jeff League’s works

Encaustic, photograph onto an antique map

I hope you have enjoyed this rather eclectic selection of works.

Have a spiffing weekend.

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3 Responses to Friday Favourites

  1. lisaleague says:

    Hi Magpie, please link to the site within your post, each time you use an image or mention Jeff’s name. These images were registered with the U.S. copyright office on June 1 2011, and you legally have no right to use them, even with attribution.

    You really should do this for the other artists also. It’s good Karma.

    I will be keeping an eye on this post for your changes.

    • Gwynn Smith says:

      I am very sorry for being lazy and not adding links to the artists own websites. Often there are not, so I will acknowledge the image source. I have updated the post and will go back through all my posts to correct the admission where ever possible. I meant no offence but was keen to share this really wonderful work.

  2. lisaleague says:

    Thanks for updating your post, Gwynn:)

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