Friday Favourites

I have become fascinated with Encaustic work. I love the translucence and the depth one can achieve with this medium.

It is said that Encaustic Painting is the oldest form of painting, there is  a portrait painted somewhere between the first and second century and  placed on a sarcophagus containing the mummified body of an Egyptian. The portrait has survived the ravages of time without any noticeable deterioration to the colour intensity.

Encaustic is primarily made of beeswax; mixed with Damar Resin which hardens the wax to which you would have added pigment to give it colour. These wax cakes are melted and then applied to the surface you wish to paint. These days one can buy the wax ready-made.

The coloured wax is melted and then applied to a hard backed substrate (wood panels, canvas or paper covered boards, glass or plexi or other combinations). The wax can be applied with a variety of instruments: Hake brushes, sticks, or dripped and poured to be shaped,  scraped, scored and fashioned in a number of ways. Collage materials can be included,  images transferred onto the wax,  objects embedded,  and wonderful layers of transparencies built up. You can also combine textiles, found objects and work in 3-D. The combinations are simply endless and the results fascinating.

So, in light of my fascination I have some Encaustic works to share.

The Clarksberg Decision – Marybeth Rothman

Elephant Eye – Nava Waxman

Laundry on Lines: always remember this placeJanet Nechama Miller

California Dawn – Thea Shrack

Wander – Bridgette Guerzon Mills

I have added links to all of the artists, some of them have very interesting, beautiful and stimulating blogs which are really worth looking at.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills – Contemplating the Moon

Thea Schrak – Thea Schrak

Marybeth Rothman – Marybeth Rothman Studio Blog

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse at Encaustic Painting.

Have a wonderful weekend………..

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