Donkey Trekking………..

I am off to the wilderness this weekend.

We are going Donkey Trekking in the Swartberg down into the Gamkaskloof (Die Hel). The Gamkaskloof was first inhabited in 1830 and only accessed by foot until 1963 when a road was built into the remote valley.

Total distance 29kms, climbing 1 200m.

our starting point……………………..

Before the road, the only way for goods and people into and out of the valley was via the Donkey Trail. It is this Donkey Trail that we will follow into the valley, walking alongside the donkeys who will carry our overnight packs. We sleep on top of the Swartberg in tents and then walk the final winding kilometres down into the valley the next day. We then overnight in the valley and are driven out via one of the most spectacular mountain passes in South Africa.

the way out………. Elandspad into the Swartberg Pass.

Hopefully I will have some gorgeous photos to share when I am back

Photos via Donkey Trail

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