What Katie Baked……………………….

(Apologies to my favourite food blog…’What Katie Ate’)


For Fathers Day Katie decided to combine Pete’s favourite baked treats – chocolate Brownies and Black Forest Cake – in a glorious, died and gone to heaven cake, the result…….

‘Katie’s Pecan Brownie Black Forest Cake’

For the cake, bake the brownies in 2 greased 20cm loose bottomed sandwich cake tins. Turn out and allow to cool before assembling.

The Black Forest part requires a tin of pitted Black Cherries in syrup, +- 400ml whipping cream and a Flake or a bar of dark chocolate.

Drain the Cherries and reserve the liquid to which you will add about 1 generous tablespoon of castor sugar and 2 generous tablespoons of corn flour. This is heated in the microwave in 10 second bursts,  stirring all the while until it is thickened, leave to cool.

Whip the cream till thick, do not over whip.

Spread the thickened syrup onto one of the cakes (you can drizzle the cake with Kirsch for more zing) spread with half the cream and then scatter over half of the cherries. Place the second cake on top and repeat the procedure, ending with scattering either the crushed Flake over it or a generous grating of dark chocolate.

You will need to play with the addition of sugar and cornflour as we are a bit of a Jamie Oliver measuring type of household…..a dash of this, a splash of that, a glug of the other, so I cannot give exact quantities. It is also a rather forgiving sort of recipe and can very easily be adapted and could even turn into a ‘Brownie Chocolate Mousse Cake’ if you remove the Black Forest bit and fill with chocolate mousse and ice with Chocolate Ganache. Or use the Brownies for the base of a cheesecake.

The possibilities are endless ……..Bon Appetit






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