Charley Harper and the Raccoons

I love Raccoons and I love Charley Harper‘s work………..a winning combination!!

Watermelon Moon



The Bandits

Rac Pac


Our Neighbour the Raccoon


I hope you enjoy these wonderful images.

(I cannot find the names of two of the images, so sorry, if you know what they are please let me know)

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4 Responses to Charley Harper and the Raccoons

  1. Beal says:


  2. richard says:

    the the with the wood logs is called “Racconnanaise” 1984 lilited ed 1000….I have it Richard

    • Gwynn Smith says:

      Thank you Richard, I am so envious, I love Charley Harper’s work. I live in South Africa so not easy to get one’s hands on any of his work. I suppose I could try ordering one on line 😀

  3. Lisa says:

    I have Racrobat. I love it! The other is “Out Neighbor the Raccoon”, Apr 1976

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