Lee Price

Lee Price is a figurative painter from New York. She paints women and food. The images are all self portraits and are always seen from above and in private intimate settings.

“These paintings are very personal. They’re self-portraits, so I use myself as the model. In regard to food choices, I’m always going for something that is considered indulgent, forbidden, or comforting. The paintings are about compulsion, and excess can be an aspect of compulsive behaviour. No one gets excessive with carrots.”




“My use of the bird’s eye view gets interpreted as a voyeurism thing or a God’s eye view a lot—it’s neither. It’s the subject looking down on herself—observing herself in the act of the compulsive behaviour, being completely aware of what she is doing but unable to stop.”


“The settings are mainly bathtubs and beds. They are private spaces, spaces of solitude, and unusual places to find someone eating. The private space emphasizes the secrecy of compulsive behaviour and the unusual settings emphasize its absurdity. The solitude and peace of the setting is a good juxtaposition to the frenetic, out-of-control feel of the woman’s actions.”


All quotes are from an article in ‘theotherjournal.com’

Sleeping with Peaches: An Interview with Painter Lee Price

It is always better when an artist can give you an insight into his or her work, rather than the personal interpretation of an observer. I think when you have read Lee’s rationale you are better able understand her works and the reasoning behind them.

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