To Make or Not to Make……………..

I could officially be called the Bed Police, I cannot abide an unmade bed. It makes me feel uncomfortable and fidgety, I cannot relax and my day cannot start until I have dealt with the rumpled linen and left a smooth, neat, calming bed. I know there are all sorts of nasty words for my  silly need to have a made bed in a room, but so be it, it messes with my groove!!!

I have a daughter who happily swans off without a glance back at the unholy mess of a bed she leaves in the morning and then unconcernedly, with a small pull and flick of the crumpled linen hops right back into it. She is happy, I close the bedroom door.

When I found this lovely photograph it made me have a hard re-look my ‘the unmade bed’ phobia. I was attracted by the wonderful, subtle colour tones and light on the linen folds, the beautiful textures afforded by crumpled fabric, the interesting shapes formed by the folds, in short it is quite beautiful.

BUT, I still cannot leave my bed unmade!

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