Orange Inspiration.

I have on ongoing love of Orange cakes. I love the texture and delicately perfumed flavour, especially when you use Almond meal and Semolina and finely grated orange rind. So I am always on the look out for the Ultimate Orange Cake recipe. I have my two favourites but decided to search out some others as I have a rather large basket full of oranges from my weekend away.

I found these two which look rather delicious, one has some interesting ingredients to enhance the exotic flavour of the oranges and the other is very simple but uses whole oranges.

Grandpa Urchin’s Tunisian Orange Cake

Middle Eastern Orange Cake

Bon Appetit I am off to go and bake!

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2 Responses to Orange Inspiration.

  1. magithehat says:

    Omigosh – that mid Eastern orange cake recipe looks utterly divine – thanks Going to rush out and buy the ingredients immediately. Think you’re like me- living in Cape Town, so you’ll know that the weather is perfect for cake today all the best Margot

    • Gwynn Smith says:

      Hi Margot, I am so pleased you like my post and that you were inspired to rush out and get all the ingredients for the Middle Eastern cake. I have another recipe for a Lebanese Orange Cake and will post it soon, I think you will like it too. It is delicious and is drenched in a gorgeous orange flavoured syrup. I unfortunately do not live in Cape Town……..wish I did, (lived there, in Claremont years ago)…………….I live in Durban and we have have the most wonderful sunshiney spring day.

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