I Cannot Believe I Tried To Read It!!!!

Oh my, holy crap, I blush scarlet as I bite my lip and look up from under my lashes.

This is basically on every page of this puerile, badly written piece of Fan Fiction. I had been severely admonished for criticizing a book which I had not even read. I had read enough reviews to put me right off, but had to concede that I was not commenting from a place of knowledge. So, with trepidation and the comment from my daughter (she has read all three, saying she needed something to read that did not require much brain work) “you will hate that book it is so silly and immature and very badly written” I went ahead.

All I can say is that it lived up to every one of the reviews, a waste of precious reading time. I read about 200 hundred pages when I had my fill of  the flushing and blushing and lip biting and lip stroking and “sit” and “eat” commands and “holy crap” “double crap” and “holy hell’, the straw that broke the camel’s back was…….Ana (Anastasia) flushing/blushing scarlet six times in four pages.

Enough, I cannot waste precious reading time, there are so many wonderful books to read.

A bit of information regarding this book and the other two in the series. This book is regarded as Fan Fiction. Fan fiction is a genre in which fans of an original work (in this case, reportedly the Twilight series), take characters from that work and spin them off into a new story. Fan fiction novels are rarely published, though some attract a bevy of cult-like followers. So it makes sense that Shades has its roots in an already loyal audience: Ana is said to be a re-imagined Bella, while her man Christian Grey is a revamped Edward (though no vampires are involved in this series, nor anything supernatural).

The book was initially not available in hard-copy. It was largely sold as an e-book, the title has garnered a massive following without even being widely available in stores.

I felt that the book was almost a copy of the 1986 film “9½ Weeks“. I enjoy a good bit of raunch if it is well written and does not take itself too seriously, unfortunately “50 Shades of Grey” is not raunchy, but, “the book is pornography, plain and simple,” writes Frank Santo in New York’s Daily News. And to boot it is badly written.

Two bits of fun – Ellen reads from “50 Shades of Grey” 

If I have stepped on any toes, I do appologise, but I just could not take the story line or  writing seriously.

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