Monday Morning Musings…………

Well, after last night’s most amazing space dive feat by Felix Baumgartner everything else seems rather trivial and of no consequence. I am overwhelmed by one man’s singular determination to do something so bizarre as to jump from a height of almost 40kms!

It is a testament to man’s ingenuity, creativity, planning and dogged steadfastness that this record breaking event was achieved and watched by millions the world over.

“I’m coming home”

The grace and delicacy with which he landed was in direct contrast to the extreme speeds (1,342 kph) he reached during his 9 minute plunge earthward.

With this amazing feat firmly etched on my mind I will sally forth and tackle my mundane inconsequential week, well, only in the grand scheme of things, but of great consequence to my family and myself.

Happy Monday

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