That Wretched Baking Thing

I am still committed to that silly “Cake a Month” posting thing I said I’d participate in at the beginning of the year. The thing is, I have baked the cakes but my photos were awful. So, unless I rebake them and take better photos (which I am not going to do as life has taken on a rather hectic hue), you are just going to have to take my word for it. I have baked my Christmas cakes and those photos were great, but you will have to wait for those as it will be the last post.

I am 5 cakes behind, but if you exclude the Christmas cake it is only 4, so here they are.



A wonderful, most deliciously moist cake, and with Blueberries in season now there is no reason not to whip it up this weekend. It is easy and fairly quick to make.

cannella-vita.blogspotLemon Blueberry Sunshine Cake

The icing/frosting was not received with great acclaim. I am not wild about icing sugar icings and it was far too sweet. I think when next I make it, I will try a cream cheese type icing, a bit more subtle and more complimentary to the wonderful tartness of the blueberries.



This is one of the easiest cakes I have ever baked and also one of the most delicious.

middle eastern orange cake 3Middle Eastern Orange Cake

I added a simple orange syrup, which I poured over the cake whilst it was still hot. In my syrup  I had tossed some thin strips of orange rind which caramelise beautifully when you boil up the syrup.

Orange Syrup

1 cup castor sugar, (220g)
1/4 cup water, (60ml)
1/2 cup fresh orange juice, (125ml)
combine, stir over heat without boiling till sugar is dissolved, then boil uncovered without stirring (about 5 min) until slightly thickened, stand 10 min.



Nothing beats a baked Cheese cake, and there is very little better than a New York style Cheese cake. Velvety texture contrasting perfectly with a sublimely smooth sour cream topping all perfectly married with the crunchy crust.

new-york-cheesecake-stephanie-jaworski-630x349New York Style Cheese Cake

No additions or comments, just perfect.

Number four coming shortly with the Christmas cake.

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2 Responses to That Wretched Baking Thing

  1. Brittany says:

    OH my god that blueberry cake is unreal. It is so gorgeous I want to bite my computer.

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