Monday Morning Musings

I would so rather be here doing thishammock-relaxation-resized-image

than what I am supposed to be doing.

tumblr_mb8wjitq1P1qhk3jho1_500 tumblr_maecpbUVwI1rb5n4mo1_500 tumblr_m15mxfv8OG1qf8zzvo1_400 218987600601417462_A4YwgNYm_c 1924 957 51jxOnInXIL._SS500_ tumblr_mbj92d6vWV1rpy7hjo1_500

I am sure I am not alone………………….I HATE housework, it is a mindless, dull, energy sapping, unfulfilling punishment. No sooner have you got the place looking ship shape than you have to start all over again, there is no end to it.


This is more my style, I would rather be fascinating than have a immaculate house. Life is far to short to spend your days cleaning.

There, I have had my Monday rant………….I will put the next load in, empty the dishwasher, get the duster and vacuum cleaner out………………

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