Friday Favourites

For as long as I can remember I have had an affinity for printmaking. I love the precision of the process, I love the understated elegance of the final piece of work.

The work has an economy of line and a subtle use of colour belying the complex skills and creative talents called into play to produce a work which looks in essence so simple.

35mm originalSekino Jun’ichiro

  'Boy and Goose', by Eliza Draper Gardiner. WoodblockEliza Draper Gardiner

Cressida CampbellCressida Campbell

George Jo Mess Wishing Gate in WinterGeorge Jo Mess

Ice Dawn Linocut Print Created by William HaysWilliam Hays

New York, New York - Walter ButtrickWalter Butterick

miles-dennebomeJoshua Miles

Richard Estes ~ Study VI, New York Harbor, 1997 (woodcut, printed in 43 colors from 39 blocks)Richard Estes

I hope you have enjoyed these amazing works and this spurs you on to look at their websites as well as other print-maker’s works.

Have a glorious weekend.

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