Friday Favourites

A Romantic selection for this Friday

Renoir, Dance at Bougival 1833Auguste Renior

klimt.loveGustav Klimt

tumblr_me9jg8VYki1rmpmx8o1_1280William John Hennessy

Romantic-038Édouard Manet

pompeii coupleMural from Pompeii

picassoPablo Picasso

lakeside-romance   Peregrine HeathcotePeregrine Heathcote

BailarinesFernando Botero

vettriano-dance-me-to-the-end-of-love1Jack Vettriano

Marc Chagall, Birthday, 1915.Marc Chagall

klimt-ref-zoomGustav Klimt

JewishBrideRembrandt Van Rijn

in-bed-the-kiss-1892Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

I hope you have enjoyed the selection to conclude this Valentines week.

Have a loving weekend.


I prefer not  to include Wikipedia as a reference but often it is the most comprehensive, including a biography and images of works, so in the absence of other reference/websites I will do so.

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