Monday Morning Musings………………..


I am not offering this as an excuse as to why I have been so remiss with my Blog, but who can focus on day to day trivia when this image lingers?

We had a glorious weekend in the Drakensberg, nestled right in the foothills at the base of the Sani Pass. The weather was rather chilly for this time of year but we put the feet up and just chilled. Great friends, great food and much hilarity.

I do not know where this snakey year is slithering off to but I seem to be having a lot of trouble keeping up with it. I have all my posts in draft form but do not seem to have the time to do the final edit and post them………………I despair!

I am going to really try to catch up in the next two weeks, because after that is is Easter and we are heading for the hills.


A glorious little cabin set up in the Indigenous Ingeli Forest. Lots of menu planning, this is my favourite part, thinking of wonderful epicurean delights and treats.

It is far away from everything, no radio, no TV, no cellphone signal and no shops, bliss!

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