Shawn Huckins – The Paint Chip Series

I really enjoy the visual impact of Shawn Huckin’s Paint Chip Series. The series consists of paint swatches combined with mundane images of seated people, people standing in queues, a person pushing supermarket trolleys all rendered with great skill and a wry sense of humour.


“I find pure, simplistic beauty and exceptional intimacy in the common object and our everyday environment.”

Untitled, Seated Self Portrait

Self Portrait l + ll with Flannel Shirt

- Walmart Employee

Hockney SplashHockney Splash

Fry Stand

Flood Cars

Shawn Huckins Paint chips # brown paper bags, artists with huge egos1Brown Paper Bag, Artists with Huge Egos

Three Identical MenThree Identical Men

“The Paint Chip Series explores color choice and its meaning in our daily lives. Mimicking the exact proportions, font, layout, and hues of miniature paint cards found at a nation-wide home improvement store, bands of color we may choose for our most intimate spaces—bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms—are an ideal stage to examine the everyday people and objects that occupy our world.”


Shawn Huckins, Denver based artist has taken inspiration from 18th Century American Neo-Classical painters to 20th Century Pop artists and preoccupied his work with a contemporary discourse on American culture. He is currently working on
his new series, entitled The American __tier, focusing on 19th Century America and the expansion westward.

all images via Shawn Huckins

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