I have just had to brave the boring aisles of the local Supermarket  for the week’s groceries.  When I got to the fresh produce section it struck me, this should be an exciting, smelling, feeling, seeing experience, instead I am faced by sterile packs of pre-selected fruit and vegetables. All of them beautifully wrapped in shiny cling wrap and colour enhanced by the skilfully arranged lighting. There are piles of fruit and vegetables for you to select from, but they are heaped on top of each other, in uniform segmented troughs and tend to roll all over the floor when you try to choose the most attractive looking one. It is all so artificial and distanced from how we should buy fresh produce.


I yearn for the Greengrocer on the corner, out in the fresh air, under his shop’s awning, with his stacks of cauliflowers and cabbages, baskets of potatoes and onions, hands of freshly picked bananas, tomatoes in wooden crates still with their vines on them, aromatic bunches of herbs, apricots warm from the sun, the air redolent with the aromas of garlic and ginger.

Borough Market by Life in AsiaNZ Kapani Market, Thessaloniki, Greece Ah, now that is how one should shop for fresh bits and bobs, in the open air, with the senses being stimulated from all directions.

all images via pinterest

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