My sort of Adventuring

I am not a baby but I do like my adventuring more on the sedate side. I prefer the location to provide the adventure rather than the activity. So, in light of yesterdays extreme adventuring I have put together a little look at some far more enticing adventures.


I could not think of anything more exciting and adventurous than setting out in a little rowboat and settling into my little water cabin for a week or two,


or, setting off down the river in tented rowboat to who knows where,


ah, but, who could resist a seaside trailer camp, done with such panache?


or, a wonderfully romantic, seductively furnished tent in an exotic location of your choice,


what about a scientific themed adventure, with pith hats and specimen hunting?

and, my absolute favourite……

via moon to moon

an exquisitely furnished and sumptuously decorated Kettuvallam to languidly sail the backwaters of Kerala.

You have to concur that these are much nicer adventures that shuffling along ledges with precipitous drops a hairs breadth away and sleeping in a small swaying tent on the side of a cliff.

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