Brendan Wenzel

I adore Illustration.

I love the freedom used to express oneself in the most uninhibited manner, the creative genius needed to encapsulate the essence of something in the simplest most eloquent way.

Brendan Wenzel‘s work exhibits all of this in fresh and captivating images.

marvelous_spatuletail_brendan_wenzel maranon_poison_frog_brendan_wenzel-1024x830 Hawaiian_Monk_Seal_Brendan_wenzel1 Great_hornbill_brendan_wenzel Golden-snub-nosed_monkey_brendan_wenzel Clouded_leopard CHIRU_Tibetan_Antelope_brendan_wenzel Black-and-white-Ruffed-lemur-brendan-wenzel-652x1024 Pygmy_Three_Toed_Sloth_brendan_wenzel-1024x1024Brendan Wenzel is a New York-based illustrator with a great interest in, and passion for the natural world. He is an ardent conservationist and a proud collaborator with many organizations working to ensure the future of wild places and threatened species, especially within Southeast Asia.

1109170017816_BrendanBrendan is the son of illustrator David T. Wenzel.


His work has appeared internationally in children’s books, animations and magazines.

I have really tried hard to find the names of books he has done illustrations for but to no avail, so, if anyone can provide some names and links I would be much appreciative.

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