Sea Treasure #2

A while ago, back in 2011 I wrote about my fascination/obsession with sea glass. Since then my humble collection has grown, we only seem to get green, brown, clear and occasionally green and then very rarely blue here.

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I do not know what fascinates me about sea glass, it has irregular shapes, it is often so textured by the sea and sand action that it is quite dull.

Photo by Lisl Armstrong

But, when you look closely at the amazing hues and the wonderfully faceted jumble you cannot help but be spellbound by the fragments.

Photo by Lisl Armstrong

I think the most intriguing thing about sea glass is its’ mystery. Some how it got into the sea and was tossed and tossed over time until it no longer resembled the object it started out as.

Photo by Raymunda Fox

All it is now is just a gorgeous fragment of texture and colour.

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While trawling the web the other day I came across this interesting post by Travis Burke about a beach near Fort Bragg in California, it is called Glass Beach. The reason for this is the area used to be a dump. The dump was mostly cleaned up but the glass remained.

Unfortunately, the glass is fast disappearing as, in spite of Sea Glass Collecting being prohibited, people ignore the signs and continue to collect bags full of sea glass.

This makes me feel rather sad, we seem to have a penchant for destroying everything and thinking it does not matter. I have become concerned by the bits I pick up, but reconcile myself to the fact that I am picking up Flotsam and Jetsam and not destroying something that has become a feature.

red_sea_glass sublimeseaglass wordpress comNow if I were to stumble across some beautiful bits of Red glass I would not only do a jig of glee but would very guiltily have to take one or two for a gorgeous piece of jewellery.

Please visit  Out of the Blue Sea Glass Jewellery,  this is the web page of Lisl (photographer of 2 photos in this post) and Ronnie Armstrong who have been beach combing and making beautiful Sea glass jewelery for over 30 years.

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4 Responses to Sea Treasure #2

  1. Hello ~ Two of the above pictures were taken by myself, Lisl Armstrong. The second one from the top ( with the marble ) is of sea glass that I collected while living in the Caribbean. The picture beneath it is of sea glass that I found in Costa Rica. You can learn more about sea glass on my website:

    • Gwynn Smith says:

      Hi Lisl, thank you so much for commenting and enabling me to credit your photos. I got them off a website which had no photo credits, I am also putting a a link to your web page on the post. Your jewellery is really, really beautiful. I only wish I did not live down on the tip of Africa where our money is so worthless, because I would without hesitation order the Transendental Tides bracelet.

      We have a lot of seaglass (masses of littering!) but it is mainly white, brown or green, blue is an absolute rarity.

  2. The fourth photo from the top is one I (Raymunda Fox) took several years ago. Discovered the link to your site from pinterest. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

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