What I Have Been Up To………………

It has been a hectic past few weeks, so much happening.

Firstly the girls convinced us we needed another dog, one to play with Molly, “she needs a friend and Lucy is too old and grumpy to play with her”

photo(10)Enter Freddy, a Wheaten Terrier. Freddy had been residing at the local SPCA and had been brought in as a stray. He was, according to Katie (youngest daughter), who had been doing an assignment there, on borrowed time as he had been there for a month.

“We will care for him, and he is not so big”, Amy (eldest daughter) to the flabbergasted parents. Rosie (middle daughter) sensibly made no comment other than, “he’s a darling”

Well, Freddy is now happily settled in, he is not that big, but is still substantially bigger than his Russel sisters. He is an absolutely honey and we are looking forward to many happy years with the dear boy.

Then, after settling Freddy in we went off on anther wonderful ‘Berg jaunt. This time with Katie and a group of her friends. June and July are not my favourite time for visiting the Drakensberg. It is all so brown and dead  and the trees all bare and it is  freezing cold.

photo(9)In spite of that, the days are crispy clear and cloudless and we had a wonderful walk up onto the ridge just below Little ‘Berg.

Then upon returning home it was the frantic rush to get Amy ready for her Big Fat Greek Holiday, selecting fabrics for re-upholstering the couches which really need a face lift, finishing off a book review, completing a painting commission and just general stuff.

And so without more to do I am back……………hopefully.

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One Response to What I Have Been Up To………………

  1. Terri says:

    Busy happy girl Gwynnie – love the pictures and can we see the couches when they are done xoxox

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