Friday Favourites………….Doggie Treats #2

I am still besotted with our gorgeous new Wookiee like dog so…………….

Dragan BibinDragan Bibin

Valerie DavideValerie Davide

Bill SharpBill Sharp

Collage Daniel MaltzmanDaniel Maltzman

Dede GoldDede Gold

Rudi HurzlmeierRudi Hurzlmeier

Roos FrogerRoos Froger

Lucian Freud, Eli and DavidLucian Freud

Juana -  Fabian La RosaFabian La Rosa

Heather IrvineHeather Irvine

Evelyne Laube & Nina WehrleEvelyne Laube & Nina Wehrle

Have a wonderful weekend, I am going doggy beach walking in the ealy morning, weathers going to be great and it is such a  relaxing way to start the day, beautiful early morning light, exquisite sea scape and gleeful dogs!


(I could not find good links or references for Evelyne Laube & Nina Wehrle and Fabian La Rosa, if  you are able to, I would really appreciate the input)

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