Monday Morning Musings………………….

It was Monday and then  it was Thursday and now it is Monday again. Which makes me ask the question to which there is no real answer………………..where did the weeks go?

Well, I was gadding from coast to coast,

IMG_8853and having a wonderful time being amazed by the beauty of the West Coast in the Spring,

catering for a wonderful bookclub dinner,

indexDelicious Ostrich Keftdes served with steamed green beans and creamy polenta

drawing and drawing

and painting and painting

and then having a birthday…..a rather special one. It is the last of my 50’s,

and then more drawing,

a quick jaunt to Cape Town for a family wedding,


and even more painting, a Portrait Bootcamp to boot,


IMG_9568(not finished)

and now it is November and I am very sad about my blog. It has been a very bad slippery snake of a year, I have begun to spend more and more of my time painting and have neglected the other things I love.

When I turned 59 I made a decision to have my 50’s go out with a bang, to do all the things I want to and always seem to put off, to make the most of everything and every opportunity. Well, as with all good intentions, hard to put into practice, but, I am working on it.

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