The Year of the Horse.

As it is the year of the horse I thought some spectacular sculptures depicting horses would be appropriate.

tar-2 Sandrine PelletierGoodBye Horses is a 2009 installation by artist Sandrine Pelletier . The three galloping horses were created using suspended wool coated in black latex and tar, resulting in a stark contrast between the chaotic lines of the figures against the white gallery walls.

31The  monument to Mikhail Sholokhov was executed by a group of sculptors including Iuliana Rukavishnikov, Alexander Rukavishnikov and architect Igor Voskresenskogo and was erected in 2007  to commerate the 102nd anniversary of the writer’s birth on Gogolevskiy Boulevard.

_71396920_kelpie_horses1218x910_Kelpies_sunsetThe Kelpies are a pair of gargantuan horse heads by public artist Andy Scott that now tower over the Forth & Clyde canal in Falkirk, Scotland.

Heavy_Horse  Andy ScottThis is another Andy Scott sculpture called Heavy Horse.

Babis PangiotidisGerman artist,   Babis Pangiotidis created this giant rocking horse, pictured, using 18,000 recycled computer keys.

Sayaka GanzSayaka Ganz created this series called Running from discarded plastic items found in thrift stores.

horse-sculpture deborah butterfieldDeborah Butterfield creates sculptures of horses made from found objects, like metal, and especially pieces of wood, she sculpts a piece using wood and other materials fastened together with wire, then photographs the piece from all angles so as to be able to reassemble the piece in metal.

JamesDoranWebb1James Doran Webb’s trio of driftwood horses were created for the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, they were  part of the New Year celebrations for the Year of the Horse. All three horses are made with moveable limbs and necks, so each can be arranged in various lifelike poses.

Horse sculptureZadok Ben-David‘s “Horsepower”   Koningsplein, The Hague.

I hope you have enjoyed this small tribute to some wonderful sculptors. And have a super weekend.

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