Round and round it goes.

You know when you have one of those songs,  one of those that just keeps going round and round in your head, and it is invariably one you do not particularly like. Well, I found out that is called an ear-worm. An appropriate name for something that just keeps crawling around in your subconscious and making a nuisance of itself.

I have been doing some trawling for interesting art and came across two paintings which have taken up residence in my subconscious.  Neither is very far from my conscious thoughts throughout the day, in fact they are so much on my mind that they have begun to foment my new painting.

The first is by Jean Noviel a French Photographer and Painter.

Jean Novieland the second is by Christos Tsimaris who says    “I usually like to paint portraits and figures, and regularly jump from representational to almost abstract, and from very disciplined and precise to very gestural, to almost messy.”

christos tsimaris;There is some common link between these two paintings that just keeps drawing me back to them. I am excited to see where their influence will take me.

I will post a photograph of my painting when I am done.

I wonder what you would call an image that takes root in you subconscious and will not let go?

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