Friday Favourites

Today’s favourites are slightly different from the usual fare.

I am in the midst of packing for a weekend away and time is rather limited, so, I thought you might enjoy the wonderful interpretations of traditional Fairy Tales by Christian Jackson.

childrensbookposters_uglyduckling childrensbookposters_3littlepigs childrensbookposters_alice childrensbookposters_goldilocks childrensbookposters_hanselgretel childrensbookposters_littlered childrensbookposters_marypoppins childrensbookposters_oz childrensbookposters_piedpiper childrensbookposters_pinocchio childrensbookposters_princesspea childrensbookposters_rapunzel childrensbookposters_rump childrensbookposters_rvw childrensbookposters_snowwhite“My life was thrown in very childish direction when I became a father a little over 2 1/2 years ago. I guess this series was my way of releasing some of that energy creatively. I can’t really say that I “decided on children’s stories” my lifestyle pretty much demanded it. When the idea for the posters came to me, the iconic images for each story just sort of poured out.”
“I believe that I’m forced to be a designer by nature, but it makes me feel better to say that it’s by choice.”    Christian Jackson

Have a glorious weekend

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