Good Old Bread Pudding

With Autumn whispering at the windows, there is nothing like a delicious, hot, smothered in jam, liberally sprinkled with freshly grated nutmeg, filled with lashings of butter and gorgeous plump raisins served with dollops of thick cream sort Bread Pudding to cheer one up.

IMG_0519I do not have a recipe for my Bread Puddings, they were learnt while helping my mother and grandmother, they are a basically anything goes sort of pudding. Any type of bread or roll even left over cake, any fruit and jam,  even chocolate has found it’s way into one or two. The only constant is equal portions of butter and sugar, the milk varies according to the dryness of the “bread” and size of the pudding and so do the eggs,  3 or 4 again depending on the size of the pudding, oh, not to forget a dash of vanilla essence.

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