Sad Old Grande Dame

baker-hotel-mineral-wells-tx--26722This photograph by Kevin Raggio caught my eye.

I am fascinated by abandoned and dilapidated buildings. They all have stories of the lives that were lived in them, they shared  peoples hopes and dreams, saw life and death, joy and sadness and now they just stand discarded and mute.

This Grande Dame The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells  Texas has a story and she has a new hope for the future.

sarahcrutchfield comPhotograph by Sarah Crutchfield from her photographic essay on The Baker Hotel.

originallobbythe original Lobby and the lobby as it is today.


Laird Fairchild embarked on the quixotic task of restoring the Baker six years ago. The financial underwriter has endured countless inquiries, frequent investor tours and numerous meetings with contractors, architects, designers and city leaders. It seems at last as if this dream is set to become a reality.

bob-bannerThe Ballad of the Baker will tell the story of the hotel, as well as the town of Mineral Wells. It will document the renovation and hopefully encourage more investors to invest in the project.

MineralWellsBakerHotel1930sThe Baker Hotel in her Art Deco Heyday.

If you are as fascinated by the tale and the future of this beautiful old building as I am, please follow the links, there are a number of different articles on the hotel and it’s restoration.

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