Friday Favourites

I have been rather baking obsessed this week, so, I thought it appropriate to share some cake works with you.

cake Debbie Becks CooperDebbie Becks Cooper

chocolate-frosted-with-sprinkles David BogartDavid Bogart

justin-claytonJustin Clayton

Large Chocolate Cupcake | 42" w x 32" h | $1500Robert Box

patti-mollicaPatti Mollica

pieceofcake Thaneeya McArdleThaneeya McArdle

still_life_cakes robert talbotRobert Talbot

still-life-with-cake-and-cactus-snake-jaggerSnake Jagger

strawberry-cupcake-jai-johnsonJai Johnson

unintended_consequences Emily Eveleth… Emily Eveleth

and then the master of cake painting……..

Wayne-Thiebaud-Cakes-1963-oil-on-canvasWayne Thiebaud

I hope you have enjoyed these  paintings and that they have got you keen to put up your feet with a great cup of your favourite brew and a slice of deliciousness.

Have  happy weekend

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